I am currently a Master’s of Science candidate with a concentration in fluids and thermal sciences in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Case Western Reserve University. I will be expecting my M.S. graduation and thesis defense will be in the Spring of 2018.

Research: Applying data science methodologies to analyze the degradation pathways of photovoltaic (PV) systems using data acquired from both outdoor and indoor environmental exposures. In the laboratory, we construct mini-modules for accelerated stressor application to increase the rate of degradation.  The degradation characterization techniques used include  include electroluminescent (EL) imaging, current-voltage (I-V) curve tracing, and Raman spectroscopy. For indoor exposed samples, these data are collected at uniform time steps of exposure and are used to identify degradation mechanisms as a function of stressor type and dose.

South Sister, OR

Using the open-source languages Python and R, we are developing several code packages for systematic quantitative analysis of these data sources. Electroluminescent module images, for instance, are being processed to extract the individual cell and through the use of statistical learning algorithms we have been able to successful classify cells by the degradation features they exhibit.

Performed under DOE PREDICTS2 DE-EE-0007140: MLEET.